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News: The World's First Pneumatic Cannon with Android-Powered Scope

When you think of spud guns, you think of potatoes flying through the air at high speeds and exploding into a fine mist of mashed starchiness. What you don't think is that a potato launcher can actually be useful, and not just for practicing your aim. Think of what would happen if you combined a normal spud cannon with the awesome power of the Plumett AL-52, a grappling hook launcher powered by compressed air. What you get it is a practical spud gun that can help slingshot Christmas lights ov...

News: Meticulously Crafted, Fully Functional Miniature Guns

Usually, miniature weaponry is constructed by fantasy hobbyists that have a fascination with toy-sized replicas and miniature wargames, like Warhammer or Gear Krieg. These handmade bite-sized weapons are just for show, accompanying their mini-armies with no actual functionality. But a different kind of hobbyist is showing us that miniature weapons can not only be small, but completely functional as well.

New Slingshot Ammo of Choice: Circular Saw Blades

Jörg Sprave's arsenal of homemade slingshots is impressive, to say the least, and each time he ups the ante, escalating the size and danger of his wooden contraptions. His machete-shooting crossbow wasn't enough, and neither was his Gatling-style slingshot gun or his "slingshot of mass destruction" that fired steel balls. But this time, Sprave might have gone too far. His new slingshot shoots circular saw blades! Saw blades are about as dangerous as you can get when it comes to razor-edged pr...

News: Hybrid Revolver Shotgun Hacked Together from Spare Gun Parts

When it comes to break action shotguns, one or two rounds might not be enough for some gun enthusiasts. Even the five-cartridge capacity that most pump action shotguns feature isn't enough buckshot for diehards. So, what kind of 12 gauge shotgun can hold more than five rounds? The AA-12 auto assault shotgun holds 32 rounds, but that's probably just overkill. Where's the happy medium, then?

Flashbang: The Bra Holster for Fast and Sexy Draws

All women need to know a few self defense moves to protect themselves from harm on the gritty streets of urban blight. But some would rather just get a concealed carry permit for their trusty semi-automatic pistol and let the steel do the talking. Now, thanks to entrepreneur Lisa Looper, women have a better way to conceal that Ruger or SIG Sauer, and it ain't no fanny pack.

News: Get Your Gun Custom Painted

If Xboxes and cars get custom paint jobs (and even the occasional... nut sack...), maybe it's time you consider giving your gun a personality, too. HardCorps Weaponry is in the business of customized paint jobs for guns, and the good news is they've dropped their prices due to the poor economy. So choose your theme, and send yours on over. Or better yet, do-it-yourself. Can't be that hard, all you need are some stenciling and painting skills. So, if you're a gun toting, second amendment-spout...

News: For 500 Big Ones, You Can Own the Mother of All Rubberband Guns

So the price is fairly steep. But maybe this monster of a rubberband gun is a worthwhile indulgence... just this once. YOU watch the video and decide. "The rubber band gatling gun can hold over 100 rubber bands and shoots 1 at a time as fast as you can crank it. The gun comes off of the base so you can hold it when you shoot or just keep it on the base and shoot."

News: Steal This Smoke Bomb Recipe

Known for being one of the most devious scoundrels of the sixties, rebel activist Abbie Hoffman went down in history (among other things) for his publication Steal This Book, a guide to living for free- "a manual of survival in the prison that is Amerika". Boing Boing has excerpted Hoffman's recipe for the perfect smoke bomb from the book, along with annotations on the process.

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