How To: Clean an SKS Rifle

So you went out and bought an SKS rifle...good for you. In my opinion, there are few rifles that can match the SKS as a personal weapon, whether used for hunting, recreation, or defense. Yes, some people will tell you that your SKS is a piece of outdated junk, and that their $2,000 rifle with all its fancy bells and whistles is much better, but just keep in mind that your SKS will still be functioning long after that fancy rifle has been thrown in the scrap heap. If properly maintained, an SK...

How To: Make a Molotov cocktail with gasoline

This is a detailed description and demonstration on how to make a Molotov cocktail. Molotov cocktail, mockingly named after Vyacheslav Molotov, is the generic name for a variety of improvised incendiary weapons, also known as the petrol bomb, gasoline bomb, or Molotov bomb. Simple to make, they are frequently used by rioters.

How To: Build the worlds simpliest homemade air gun

My version of a very simple air gun. You need only 3 parts to build the gun and plus barrel. Making it is very easy after finding right parts. Parts im using might be ava... More»ilable only in Finland but this should give you an idea how to build an air gun. WARNING: This device is lethal so use caution when you use it. Dont shoot at anything that might die, like your friend or a rabbit. Just destroy useless stuff

How To: Modify a Ruger 10/22 semi-automatic rifle

Ruger 10/22 rifles are ideally suited for informal target shooting, plinking, small game hunting, and action-shooting events. Many models exist, including the standard 10/22 Carbine, the Ruger Deluxe Sporter, the Ruger All-Weather 10/22, Rifle models, a Compact model, and a Target model.

How To: Make Your Knife as Sharp as the Devil Himself

This article is written for those of you who are not satisfied with just having a sharp knife, and for those of you who would like to make your knife as sharp as the devil himself. There are many ways to sharpen a knife, and my method is just one of many, so before we begin, let me explain the pros and cons of this particular sharpening method.

How To: Field Strip, Disassemble, Reassemble, Clean & Maintain a Military-Issued M4 Carbine Rifle

At home, owning a rifle is either for sport or fanaticism.  Having an M4 Carbine, however, is illegal.  Only government agencies can own and use the Colt M4 Carbine, most notably— the U.S. Military.  And for a soldier, that rifle means life or death, so it’s the number one concern for soldiers serving in Iraq or Afghanistan today.  For a soldier, cleaning and maintaining their issued weapon is always priority, because an unclean rifle can resort in jams, misfires, and other malfunctions.

How To: Punch aggressively in a street fight

Ever wondered how to fight, how to defend yourself, or how to simply be bad ass? Well, this video tutorial from Fight Tips will get you on your way to streetfighting, protecting yourself, improving your speed and endurance, and everything else involved in being a great fighter.

How To: Make an easy homemade rifle silencer

In this video, learn how to make an easy & cheap home made gun silencer. Materials you will need include: aluminum steel, screen material, a sponge/steel wool, and string or thread. Spray paint is an optional item, in case you'd like to customize it. Good luck with your project!

How To: Make a smoke bomb out of creative household items

Ammonium nitrate is a dangerous explosive found in a surprising number of household items, including cold packs and fertilizer. This video demonstrates a relatively safe application of this chemicals powers, the construction of a homemade smoke bomb. In this case, the ammonium nitrate comes from cold packs, and is first dissolved in water in a bucket and then absorbed into a newspaper, which forms the body of the bomb. The massive amount of smoke produced is very impressive relative to other ...

How To: Make napalm at home with household products

Making napalm at home from household products. First, take a metal can and fill the can up about quarter of the way. Break apart some Styrofoam and put it in the gas. Mix this until the Styrofoam dissolves and becomes a gooey mix. Let the gas soak into the piece of Styrofoam that is in the can. Once the Styrofoam is saturated with gas you can pull it out of the can and light it.You do not want to get this on you once it is lit. It will stick to you and burn you very badly. Please use caution ...

News: Meticulously Crafted, Fully Functional Miniature Guns

Usually, miniature weaponry is constructed by fantasy hobbyists that have a fascination with toy-sized replicas and miniature wargames, like Warhammer or Gear Krieg. These handmade bite-sized weapons are just for show, accompanying their mini-armies with no actual functionality. But a different kind of hobbyist is showing us that miniature weapons can not only be small, but completely functional as well.

How To: Disassemble and reassemble the Luger pistol

Check out this brief video tutorial on the German Luger pistol, which features disassembly and subsequent reassembly of the firearm. This is narrated in order to ensure that anyone with a Luger in front of them isn't stuck trying to freeze frame on some blurry detail. Just follow along and you'll be fine.

HowTo: Make a Wicked Powerful BB Gun With an Air Compressor

Below, David Ye demonstrates how to make a sick DIY BB gun using an air compressor. Ye says: "I got bored and decided to make a BB gun using my air compressor. The secret sauce is a one way valve that blocks air from the firing chamber but allows air in the other direction to rapidly propel ammo into the gun. This allows me to tube feed BB's, even when the gun is inverted. It's also much faster than gravity feed versions."

How To: Make a smoke bomb in three minutes

This video is a simple tutorial on how to make a smoke bomb. It shows how one can create a smoke bomb by using some very simple items. Items such as a ping pong ball and some aluminum foil. It is very easy to make a smoke bomb by following and listening to the instructions given within the video. A viewer may learn how to create a smoke bomb after he/she is done watching this informative video. After listening to the simple steps he/she will have their own smoke bomb shortly.

How To: Fit your shotgun by adjusting pitch and point of aim

In this how-to video, you will learn how to fit your shotgun. Pitch will keep you from getting beat up and point of target. Pitch refers to the angle at which the butt is shaped. A neutral stock will leave the stock parallel. If the barrel leans away, you have down pitch. If the opposite is true, you have up pitch. To change the pitch, use quarters. They do not collapse under pressure and are readily available. Place the coins under a loosened heel or toe of the butt. Check to see where the p...

How To: Make a simple automatic rubber band gun at home

In this video, we learn how to make an automatic rubber band gun. You will need a wooden ruler, shoe lace, rubber band and tape. First, tie a small knot with a hole in the shoe lace and put the ruler through it. Next, get your tape and put a good size piece around the shoe lace on the ruler. Now, roll the shoe lace downwards and place the rubber band on one end of the ruler to the other. Keep going until you have as many rubber bands as you want. Now, pull on the rubber bands and release, thi...

How To: Make a homemade sword on a budget

So, you want to make a sword but don't have the means or money? Nonsense. You can make one at home with the help of everyday tools & materials. In this five-part tutorial, learn how to make your very own homemade sword at home. Materials and tools needed include: Two and half foot piece of weldable steel, adjustable plyers, electrical tape, spray paint (cosmetic - optional), bench grinder, 600B ultra fine sandpaper, 320B sandpaper, 320C sandpaper (this paper is not water resistant), a sanding...

How To: Safely operate and maintain an AK-47 or AK series rifle

The AK-47 is the most commonly used assault rifle in the world, responsible for an incredible amount of death over the last sixty years. They are amazingly well-made guns, and if you're fortunate enough to have one (they're less common in the US than just about anywhere else), watch this video to learn how to safely operate, clean, clear, maintain, and disassemble your AK-47 or other AK series rifle.

How To: Make a pine needle smoke bomb

This how to video is about how to make a smoke bomb using pine needles and no ping pong balls. 1.Place tissues(3 to 4)in tin foil,the tissues should be incasing the green pine needles.2.Fluff,or rip tissues so that they catch fire easier.3.Light up!!.4.Continue lighting until either there is no tissue left,(which is what should happen first)or there is no green pine needles left.

How To: Make a bomb from chlorine and alcohol

The video will show you how to make a bomb using chlorine and alcohol. Take 2-3 tablespoons of powder chlorine and put it in an ice mountain bottle or a plastic bottle. Add about 1/4 a cup of clear rubbing alcohol. Screw on the lid and shake a couple times until it makes a crackling noise. If you're just testing the bomb, set it down somewhere safe so no one gets hurt. The alcohol will start to boil and turn yellow. It gets really hot, and the bottle will expand a lot and then explode!

How To: Make a camo gun wrap for airsoft guns at home

This video describes how to create a decorative wrap for your air powered toy guns (Airsoft Guns). Although the person in the video uses an old, green army shirt, the wrap can be created simply using any colored cloth of your choice, and a pair of scissors. After cutting a lengthy ribbon around the shirt that measures a few feet in length and about 1.5 inches wide, you are nearly ready to wrap it around your gun. Although not necessary, it will benefit you to roll up the length of cloth. You ...

How To: Reassemble your Ruger Mark III Rimfire pistol

If you own a Ruger firearm, maybe it's about time you learned everything there is to know about it. If you have a Ruger handgun, you might want to know how to take it apart, or how to clean it, or how to put it back together. Ruger is an "arms maker for responsible citizens," so don't let those other firearms manufacturers fool you. Learn from the professionals, learn from Ruger in this weapons video tutorial.

How To: Reassemble a Ruger KP345 centerfire pistol

In this official video tutorial from Ruger Firearms, we learn how to reassemble a Ruger KP345 centerfire pistol. For more information, including a complete demonstration and detailed, step-by-step instructions, as well as to get started reassembling your own KP345 pistol, watch this gun owner's guide.

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